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D Monn:
Stage Director
Theatre Maker

"If you don't have fun, you don't have a show."  Bertolt Brecht

About Dennis Monn


 Dennis Monn has thrived in the performing arts world of New Orleans as an award-winning producer, playwright, and director. In 2008 he created the infamous AllWays Lounge & Cabaret, a hot-spot for artists, queers and celebrities. While owner of Allways he produced and directed dozens of shows, making the little cabaret theatre  both a local favorite as well as a top tourist destination.

Dennis' work is often described as "raw" and "edgy" with a distinct queer, bohemian style. As a self taught director from a working class family he believes accessibility is about presentation and intent and that theater can be smart and entertaining without being highbrow. 

In 2019, Dennis sold his beloved Allways to pursue other opportunities. In September 2021 Dennis made his  Provincetown Tennessee Williams Festival directorial debut with his modern interpretation of Brecht, Weill and Hauptmann's "Mahagonny Songspiel." He will return to Provincetown in 2022 to direct Tennessee Williams' "Vieux Carre." 


Mahagonny Songspiel 

"The combination of punk, rock ’n roll, leather, and queer aesthetics really gave this piece an edge that the deceptively beautiful music could easily hide.This production managed to remind us all that Brecht’s A-effect (verfremdungseffekt) does not mean that performances can’t be fun and funny! Mahagonny Songspiel was all of that and boxing ring full of talent."

Sweeney Todd

“Sweeney Todd is a visually stunning production…With a cast and attitude that is largely from the burgeoning downtown arts and music scene, Monn establishes a dark atmosphere that is partly the Victorian London of Jack the Ripper, blended with Bywater bohemian-punk."  NOLA.COM

3Pennny Opera 

"Throughout the many adaptations that “The Threepenny Opera” has undergone since its premiere in Berlin more than 80 years ago, it has held the power to reflect the times of its audience. That reflection has never been as shocking or grittily compelling as it is in the current staging at the AllWays Lounge."  NOLA.COM

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

"At times the production seemed like a community celebration. In fact, creator and original star John Cameron Mitchell attended a couple of shows and served as DJ." 


Rocky Horror

"...a cast member revs a motorcycle — a real one — near the crowd inside The AllWays Lounge. Through the smoke and glitter, the cast sings "Science Fiction/Double Feature," kicking off a vibrant production. Director Dennis Monn's Rocky Horror Show is dynamic and fun. For die-hard Rocky fans who have attended late-night showings, this production injects the experience with new energy." GAMBIT


Happy End

"The singing complements the music and highlights a company of players who don’t get to be seen on a regular basis in other productions...the  sine qua non of many of Monn’s productions to cater to bohemian tastes that shun conventionality." ccjn


Theatre Person of the Year:

"Monn has achieved this without selling out —his theater presents works that are crowd pleasing but remain edgy and daring. From the silly to the serious, a night spent satisfies and leaves you still thinking about the work much later." NOLA.COM

Vieux Carre- NOLA.COM


Provincetown Magazine - "Queer, Bohemian and Brechtian: Vieux Carre Through the Eyes of Dennis Monn

State of Stage

"Monn was wearing a holey Bruce Springsteen tour shirt, cutoffs and a baseball cap that read BULLY. " GAMBITd

Upcoming Events

              Vieux Carre
   by: Tennessee Williams 
New Orleans Tennessee Williams Literary Festival
March 22-26, 2023

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